'Bones' first look: Will Booth get killed in prison?

Prison will not be easy for Booth when Bones returns for its 10th season.

After being arrested for the murders of three FBI agents in the season 9 finale, Booth will face a new obstacle in prison: Most of his cellmates are convicts he actually locked up there, and they’re not too happy with him. Will Brennan be able to clear Booth’s name before an unruly inmate makes him pay with his life?

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One week!! The wait is almost over, Bonesheads! #Bones #Season10Countdown

TV shows that build up relationships only to destroy them then rebuild then then destroy them and ultimately leave me questioning everything I know are the reason why I have trust issues.

– Me on every OTP I’ve ever had (via a-weapon-of-mass-seduction) Via I now know what that means!


"She came in to test for the role… I said, ‘That right there is lightning in a bottle.  You just witnessed it.’ "


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Bones - 10x03 - The Purging of the Pundit - Press release


Air Date: Thursday, October 09, 2014
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST on FOX
Episode Title: (BON-1003) “The Purging of the Pundit”


[EDITOR’S NOTE: Audio descriptions (AD) for tonight’s episodes of BONES and GRACEPOINT are available on the SAP Audio Channel.]

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Int: When did you know it clicked, for you, looking back

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And when feeling him up isn’t enough… (x)

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10x01 sneak peek (x)

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Brennan has done a lot of badass things over the years. But I think blackmailing a federal prosecutor tops the list.

Also, “I’m new to blackmailing, but I think I’ve covered it all” is totally Brennan-speak for “I own your ass!”


I’m new to blackmailing, but I think I’ve covered it all.

– Temperance Brennan (via i-can-be-a-duck) Via


… in which Emily can’t keep her hands to herself. (x)

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Bones 10x01 sneak peek (x)

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See what I like about this show

The male lead is in prison and attacks with no mercy whoever talks about his wife and child

But the female lead is outside, with no problems on blackmailing or doing anything just to set him free.

It’s not about one person being the super hero. It’s about them, not only as a couple, but above all as a team.


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