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 Emily Deschanel - Farm Sanctuary’s “The Conscientious Table” 

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Emily Deschanel at ”The Conscientious Table” Event

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Emily Deschanel at "The Conscientious Table" Event

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Emily & David being their adorable self ! 

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Emily Deschanel: a summary

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Bones Preview: Sweets Sends Daisy a Message From Beyond the Grave (x)

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Bones - 10x02 - The Lance to the Heart BTS (x)

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Behiind The Scenes: Bones 10x02 The Lance To The Heart

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The Corpse in the Conspiracy (Fan Review)


What an amazing, powerful, and gut-wrenching hour of TV. It’s hard to know where to begin, so I’ll start here: it’s incredible to me that this show, starting its tenth season, can shake things up in such a way that it was trending everywhere last night, and that there were no tepid responses to it.

Read the rest here: Rynogeny’s 10x01 Fan Review (it’s long but oh so good. She nails it.)

If there’s ever a review for 10x01 to read, I think this one is it. Which says a lot, because there’s a bunch of awesome reviews out there.

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Booth and Brennan at Odds … Again


We’ve seen Booth and Brennan at odds before, but this time the bust up is loud and accusatory.

“Don’t ask about things you don’t want to know,” warns Booth glowering over a new stockpile of ‘house’ weapons.

“You’re not someone I want in my life, or my daughter’s life” counters Brennan as we all hold our breaths and wait for our favorite couple to calm down.

In the end, Brennan has some simple but harsh truths for her husband, but is he ready to hear them? 


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someone is having fun on the set of Bones.

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